The touch response mechanism of a piano can accurately be described as 88 miniature catapults 

 Graduate from The North Bennett Street School in Boston certified as a piano technician. The program at North Bennett Street immerses students in the world of sound and piano technology. There I studied with master technicians and refined the art & science of aural tuning.  Requiring great skill and focus, aural tuning offers musicians an instrument that is full of emotion, not the sterility of a machine tuning.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about your piano, I love meeting new instruments and hearing about their histories. I am certified to tune, regulate, repair and appraise. I can also help you find the perfect piano for your home if you are looking. I will always be honest with you about your instrument, and have never given up on a piano.  

Aural tuning is audio triangulation.

John Daly piano tuner

Piano Tuning John Daly piano tuner vermonti

I'm also the front man in John Daly Trio