"nothing like a freshly tuned piano..."

"...the piano is fabulous..."

"hello John, the piano is a delight - it sounds and feels better than it has since i've had it! "

"Some beautiful things have come out of that piano..."

"...the piano is beautiful! in fact, any excessive brightness that i might have heard (or thought i heard) has been completely eliminated by your wonderful tuning."

"Best is has sounded in a long time..."

"Just wanted to let you know, the piano hasn't sounded this good in years, honestly.  It also feels right -- I'm sure you know what I mean by that better than I do!  Thank you, thank you.  I  feel that it's in good hands now and that you'll help me give it the care it needs.  Really, that's what it feels like, like the piano knows it's being cared for!"